Ecommerce Marketing Manager

Company Name:
AMPM Unified Solutions
Ecommerce Marketing Manager
Full time opportunity in Chicago west suburbs (zip code 60191). Office presence is required
since we are a very lean and dynamic company being on site allows for easy communication,
contact with the products and understanding of internal operations.
You will work with B2C website, amazon webstore and any other avenues you can find to sell
products to customers.
Specific responsibilities
- Develop ecommerce strategy: what is your action plan, why should it work, risks,
payback period, etc
- Draw useful insights from google analytics, social media conversations, etc.
- Create and implement customer retention strategies (newsletter, etc)
- Be proactive and find new ways to expand business.
- Proven experience increasing sales in ecommerce environment
- General IT knowledge html, Drupal, Wordpress, hardware, javascript, Image
manipulation software, etc. You are not expected to be a programmer, but you should at
least be above average. You should also be able to find answers for yourself.
- Being able to write compeling product descriptions, blog postings, etc highly desireable.
Please send an example describing any product, and another for a blog posting.
US$12 / hour + commission + milestones bonus
We do not offer benefits
Please send your resume, links to websites you have worked on, and a brief writing sample
describing any dog treat.

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