Database Programmers

Scientific Games International, Inc. seeks Database Programmers for its Wood Dale, IL office.
Duties: Design and develop OLTP/OLAP and Data Warehousing data models, DB schemas (conceptual, logical, and physical), and DB interface code (stored procedures/middle layer/MDX queries/ETL processes) for high volume lottery/gaming applications. Architect and maintain reports/forecasting data models/reports/scripts and underlying infrastructure that helps management/external partners drill down on several dimensions/facts, analyze key influencers, and make better decisions. Work with business/operational team to find areas of problems, and provide them a solution to reach stated goals in order to increase efficiency. This includes building scripts, various reports from underlying data models, etc. Build interfaces/systems to pro-actively notify different levels of system conditions/severity to appropriate teams, and resolve problems caused by business emergencies. Design and support systems/application code. Capture baselines and performance. Oversee code reviews, production processes, load testing/analysis, and metadata usage. Analyze results in test environment, report findings to management, and take necessary steps to improve process/performance. Provide technical expertise on database environment and infrastructure to ensure that application performance and reliability goals are attained. Work with external clients to identify data quality/integrity issues and resolve them. Provide data models/business processes to external clients to help facilitate data exchanges between companies. Develop and maintain standards, procedures, and methodologies to ensure effective operation, access, control backup and recovery of all database systems and underlying infrastructure. Work with vendor/third party Company to identify problem points, build plans based on recommendations, and implement them. Monitor multiple database systems ensuring five 9's availability. Maintain thorough documentation on assigned systems. Adhere to corporate standards for system configurations. Ensure database replication schema is current. Perform preventive maintenance tasks as assigned/identified. Ensure database replication schema is current. Develop checklists for computer operations staff on database related tasks. Assist in Second and Third tier issue resolution. Participate in hotline functions as necessary. Participate in software testing cycles. Responsible for data archival library. Multiple positions available.
Requirements: a Masters degree in Software Engineering or Mgmnt Info Sys and one year experience in job offered or related occupation. Experience must include one year experience with Distributed Gaming Network Operations and DB Design. Position also requires knowledge of database system internals (index, statistics, corruption, query plans, hash, wait, contentions), database design (OLTP/OLAP), SQL, backup/restore, processors, kernels, and OS internals; knowledge of database query/store procedure development, query optimization/tuning, and ability to re-write business processes as necessary; and understanding of underlying hardware including blade/rack servers, storage area networks (SANs), workload, access patterns, resource utilization/evaluation, and how each system is married together. 10% domestic travel required.
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